Are Horse People Crazy? You bet we are!

After some coffee and a therapy session with our horse, it’s possible you could even mistake us for “normal”.

Horse people need horses to function; to care for, to ride, to learn from, to admire, to love and to just be loved back.  They are a major part of our lives, and we certainly wouldn’t want it any other way.

To allow an animal that large into our lives requires commitment and dedication.  Showering them with treats and attention, that they are already so deserving of, is the norm. Is there anything wrong with that?

Who knew that stinky stalls, random farts, explosive kicks against the stall walls and sharp whinnies would all be welcomed? In fact, we’d think there was something wrong if it were any different.

Horse people even have their own language.  Here are some horsey words that you would not know otherwise. 






Tack (and not a push pin)

Curb (and not a place to kick someone to)

Grade (not a B+)

Paint (not something you color your walls with)

Withers (and not Bill)

Snaffle (not a popular iced tea)




Just to name a few…

Like bikers, we wave when we see each other on the road hauling our precious cargo to the fair, to shows or to trail rides. Although fiercely competitive, we look out for each other! After all, we are truly on the same team!

There was an appropriate quote I learned early on – It was a big banner in a barn where I stabled my horse… It said “Horse poor and lovin’ it”   and boy, ain’t that the truth!? We’re so willing to budget a hefty part of our salary to owning a horse without batting an eye. Yes, that’s crazy, but the experience of owning a horse justifies it. Amirite?

I knew somewhere in my heart, since I was a small child begging to move to the country so I could get a horse, that they would become part of my future. As a young adult, that dream finally came true! However ideal as it would be, I learned that you don’t need a farm in the county to own a horse. I had a great mentor that taught me all she knew about horses and for that I am grateful!

I’m also grateful to my 35 year old mare that showed me such patience through my learning experience with her. She’s now nearing the end of her life, a good life at that, but thank you old girl for the good times!

I do not think I could be truly content without horses being a part of my life! I’m crazy passionate about my job and so thankful that I can spend my days working for the animals that bring us pure joy!




  1. Awesome! Yes thank you to Jesus for horses;)

    1. Amen:)

    2. Amen 🙂

    3. I have always felt we love our horses for countless reasons. Each, as individual as we are. But it recently came upon me one night as I was watching the sun set across 150 miles of sky, that part of why we, (or maybe I should say I, but I cannot be alone in these thoughts), love how our horses CARRY US. Think about it. They carry our secrets, our successes, our failures, our hurt, our joy. For those moments, some at the crack of dawn, or the first star of night as darkness falls, our horses carry all of our worst & best of us. They don’t judge. They are the best secret keepers-some even I said by mouth. They forgive us. They are some of our most complicated & celebrated moments of being human. And after all that, they literally CARRY US across their backs. We humans, who can be so hurtful & unforgiving to ourselves & one another, climb upon these half ton (more or less), beauties. And for a little while, we have someone carrying us. Someone beneath us that says, “I’ve got your back. Rest your soul, your worries, your pain. Enjoy. Play with me”. They give us their all. It is the least we can do to give it back.

    4. I have two horses and I relate to everything you said. Some people seem very envious, and other people don’t get it at all. Unfortunately, my wife is of the latter persuasion.

    5. Everything you said was true. My horses are my daily therapy, a part of my life I can’t do without, and my teachers. I don’t think they are as crazy about people as we are about them. They are much more sane than people are!

    6. You said it perfectly Stacey! Words cannot truly describe the connection between a horse and a woman. I can sit and watch my horse grazing nearby and my heart swells how much I love her. With that said, when I am feeling very down and depressed I often have to push myself to even go to the barn but when I do I always leave feeling so much better after having spent time just being with my girl!!! Ohh and I even go to the barn just to get out of doing housework cause I much prefer cleaning at the barn lol.

      Love the Horse first and the Sport second!

  2. So true!! Horses have the amazing power to bring people together!

  3. This is a great post! It really reminded me how much I love horses and how much they have taught me! 🙂

  4. Just switched from horses to a mule. Are they handled and used much differently than horses?

  5. The horse I had as a teen was a true champion. We learned how to be partners together and we were both lucky we lived through it! He was a blessing and taught me so many lessons about horses, timing, compassion, trust, about LIFE that I continue to use with my family, relationships and of course my 2nd horse. Who I know appreciates all the hard work my 1st horse did training me! There are no words to express that feeling you get when you see ‘that’ look in your horses eye and you know you’ve had a breakthrough you connected. Suddenly the world is singing “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you maaaake me happpeee when skys are grey”

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Diane! We love hearing about the connections people make with their horses. 🙂

  6. Yay! So true so true!

  7. What a neat article. I didn’t get to have my own farm until I was 57. My wonderful husband and I bought a small farm. It wasn’t long before we had 5 horses to care for. Not only did we learn the above terms but we learned founder, cushings, Irap, and laminitus. These are expensive terms, know what? We still have 5 horses! Horses are a commitment for as long as they are under our care! We are blessed to have these creatures and to be their caretakers! It gas been a thrill to have one of our 5 born here, to train him, now ride him and gain his respect to follow me. I love my husband and my horses, in that order, it doesn’t get any better than that!

    1. Thanks for sharing Donna! Good luck with your farm!

  8. Absolutely love being a horse lady 😁

  9. My horse travels in my car. I know crazy:)

    1. We would love to see that Ellen! Send us a picture!!

      1. I don’t see how you share pictures on here.

    2. Ok. I really need to see a photo of that! Can you please email me one at westfallhorsemanship@gmail.com? Please!

  10. Horses are my life-savers, they(and my dogs) have gotten me through so many life obstacles and given me a reason to continue living with the asthma, the colon cancer, the chemotherapy and radiation treatments and just my medical issues in general. 70 years old and always fighting to remain with them (and my human family).

    1. Thank you Ginger for sharing! Good luck with your health, we are praying for you!

  11. I would have posted a picture there too. He travels in my Prius!

  12. People who have horses are crazy. I can not think of living my life any other way.

  13. Yes!!! Thank you my Lord and savior Jesus Christ!!!!
    Who’s coming back on a White HORSE!!!

  14. So very true👍😃 Spend a lot of time helping folks with horses and still dreaming of actually owning my own some day. Maybe in four years when the youngest child heads off to College. Some childhood dreams never leave our hearts😃

    1. Thank you for commenting Raydeen! Good luck with your dreams! We believe in you!!!

  15. Yes! Thank you for this blog!

  16. So true. I have had the joy of being a “crazy horse person” for 39 (of my 51) years. The connection I have had with these magnificent creatures kept me out of trouble (for the most part) during my tumultuous teenage years, kept me centered (for the most part) during my early adulthood, and kept me sane (almost for the most part) while my children were growing into adults themselves. Lately I’ve been pulled in other directions and haven’t been able to spend as much time in the barn as usual – and I feel that loss on a daily basis, like somethings missing — something structural. This post reminded me that what I need right now is to get my buns down to the barn, get reconnected, get re centered, have some mane therapy, get horse slobbers on my clothes, and find my way back to being that “crazy horse person”. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Amy! We hope you can get reconnected! Go horse crazy!!!

  17. Horses are truly amazing–they live in the moment, but at the same time give us moments to cherish.

  18. Yup! Truly horse crazy kids grow up to be horse crazy big people is all.

    1. Thanks for commenting Melissa!

  19. Equine therapy is an amazing thing! There’s something Therapeutic about going on a long trail ride through the woods or snow and all of life’s stresses diminish during that time

    1. Thanks for commenting Bonnie! Equine therapy really is amazing!!

  20. I am really at peace when I’m with my horse

  21. Hope this is the right place to enter Stacys contest! Love learning from her and discovering new things about horses!

  22. Without horses, I doubt I would be sane…. horses are my therapy after a stressful day at work, they are the strong shoulder when I need a place to cry and they are my happy place and they make my life complete.

    1. Amen Kim! Thank you for your comment!

  23. When my daughter Carrie was alive, and showed horses, we always drooled over the things that Weaver Leather made. I still do. Thanks Beth Eikleberry

    1. Thank you Beth for sharing! We are very sorry to hear about your daughter. God bless.

      1. He does bless every day!

  24. Horse people are crazy in love with this big eyed, adorable face, you want me to do what Inquisition look and what are you talking about nudge animal. They make us smile, laugh and cry all in the same moment. Can’t help but be crazy about them. Beth

    1. Thanks Beth! That’s right, we just can’t help it! 🙂

  25. Being single and retired horses keep me sane!

  26. Horse poor and lovin’ it! My new motto and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    1. Amen Jackie! Thanks for sharing!

  27. All my best friends are Barn buddies. Who knows us better than our fellow horse lovers? I can’t imagine my life without my little Jetson and our wandering trail rides through the park across the street from the barn.

    1. Thank you for your comment Dana! Good luck with Jetson!

  28. My boy Radar teaches me something new everyday. From trick riding (keeply un-intentional) to sitting his crazy cow cutting spook move (never knew you could cut an invisible cow). Some think I am crazy for not giving up on him. But he truly has come a long way and so have I. I wouldn’t trade Radar for all the money in the world! I have 3 other horses in my barn that have taught me alot as well but Radar is always my go to pony. I love his child like curiosity and I love his willingness to try. He’s my barrel running, invisible cow cutting, overall crazy Standardbred!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Jeanine! Good luck with your horse Radar!

  29. Very true!

    Some additional words that horse people know different meanings for:

    Sliders (shoes, not burgers!)

    Frog (not the amphibian)

    Cinch (and not meaning “easy to do”)



    1. Thanks for sharing Chevy! We will definitely have to add them to the list 🙂

  30. Ditto!

  31. Horses are great therapy!

  32. Horses are good therapy. Crazy for horses forever!

    1. If this is crazy, sign me up! Can you also send me an email at westfallhorsemanship@gmail.com?

  33. I am so thankful for my mare, Spice she has really been good for me!

    1. Thank you Melodee! So glad to here about your mare!

  34. I plan to be horse crazy the rest of my life!

    1. Same here Cheryl! 🙂

  35. So true !! Love this❤❤

  36. go horse craaaazy!

    1. You’re totally right Jennifer! We’re horse crazy!

  37. True story. Horses are our peace, our sanity, our reason.
    🙂 Great post.

    1. Amen Mary! Thank you for the comment!

  38. A couple weeks ago, my boys had a farrier and vet visit on the same day.

    Ah, the relief…the Morgan’s toes and the Arabian’s sand paddles were trimmed…then, they both had their teeth floated!

    Lovin’ my boys so much, I bought them a 40 inch ball…Morgan runs away but Arabian smells it and pushes it a tiny bit!

    1. Thank you for sharing DeeDee! Good luck with your boys!!

  39. Amen! I want to chat with you!

  40. I came into this whole horse thing later in life and would not change a thing

    1. Thank you Karen! We’re so glad you go the horsey-bug 🙂

  41. Wow, I’m so glad that someone put it so eloquently. I was thinking just lately that i was crazy. Now I see that I am just a normal woman who loves her horses. God Bless!

  42. Maybe we should define crazy when it comes to horses. Being horse crazy is totally normal!

  43. Horses are my therapy!

  44. I think you are born with the horse crazy gene. Growing up in the city, I was told the city was no place for pets of any kind. I used to poor over the Sears catalog looking at saddles, horses (yes the had horses or ponies in the catalog and yes that makes me “seasoned”). Grew up watching all the westerns on tv and the movies. Any time I was any were near someplace that had horses I would go over and watch. So at the young age of 65 I got my first horse, a red roan quarter horse, while learning to ride. Lost her to colic while I was recovering from double knee replacements (part of the reason I fell off so much). I learned to drive and now have 2 Clydesdale mares, full sisters, that drive single and double and hope to ride someday again. I’ve become part of a wonderful barn family and even manage the barn when the owners are gone. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    1. Thank you for commenting Jeff! We hope that you can get back in the saddle one day! But at least you made your dream of having horses come true! Good luck!

  45. As a recently fallen in love horsey girl, I couldn’t agree more! Was exciting to know all those words.

  46. So totally true…all my life! Just wish I could get my dear husband to understand.

    1. Thanks for sharing Claire! When you figure out how to get your husband to understand, be sure to let us know! 🙂

      1. Don’t think I’ve any hope after 23yrs! 🤣

  47. Horses. Is there anything like spending time with them? It took me forty years to reach may goal to have the chance to begin to ride. I didn’t realize then that that was just the beginning 😊

    1. Thank you for sharing Pam! We’re so glad you got back in the saddle! Good luck!

  48. I can relate at age 48 I have 9 of my own horses. A Journery Woman, I do all my horses hooves. Also have backed and trained the difficult ones that have been through the some abuse in their lives and tossed out as dangerous. It has been my reward to see the great change in them once they have been with me and the break through of trust bringing the horse’s mind to a workable point getting good results. I work for my horses they are my life and love each one of them. Pure of heart.

  49. I’ve been passionate about horses since I was a baby in a Jolly Jumper, then a See-saw, then age 2 I was put on a wee pony on a cargo ship it reared up I fell off and wanted more. This was 46 years ago travelling back from the Island back in 1972. Starting riding at age 5 got my first pony age 13 unbroke so had plenty field days and never gave up, to this day. Although my bones are feeling it now Im still riding. Horses are my life from Anatomy to Hooves inside and out. My money is not in the bank its running around in a field. Nature is where the heart is free to Love.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Nicole! We love to hear from other passionate horse people!

  50. Horses are the very air that I breathe, who wants to be “normal” when you can be
    extraordinary with your horse – never felt so loved and needed as I do with my horse:)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Lynda!

  51. What a great article!! More than true that all we need in our life is our horses and we would be fine. Who needs more than that! And sure as hell we are crazy! I could not dream of a better life than just spending time learning and studying horses. It is my dream to one day become a successful “Student of the horse.” It is also my dream to one day run a business, somehow revolving around horses. And I hope I am on the way!

    Thanks Stacy for the opportunity to take part in a contest. It can make a big difference to aspiring people like me!


  52. It’s not horse poor, it’s horse rich. 🙂

  53. Your words are so true. After years of having horses and now not having any, there seems to be a whole in my life. They were the best friends and therapy anyone could have. I thank the Lord for those years! Thanks Stacy for all you share.

  54. My motivation for staying fit… I want to be riding when I’m really old. Maybe 90 lol

    1. Thank you Margie! We hope we can all be riding fit at 90 years old!!

    2. Me too! At 61 now and doing physical therapy on a bad hip to keep in the saddle (with a mounting block for now)

    3. I agree- I want to be riding at 90 also! Can you email me at westfallhorsemanship@gmail.com?

  55. I wanted a horse sinnce I was 5 years old. Then life happened : but finally at 59 I got my horse!!! Now I am 65 and still enjoy her!

  56. I wanted a horse since I was 5 years old. Then life happened but at 59 I got my horse!! I am 65 now and still going strong with my little mare!

    1. We are so happy you made your dreams come true Lonnie! Thank you for sharing!

  57. It is so true!

  58. My life would definitely not be complete without my horses.

    1. Amen to that Kim! 🙂

  59. I have a 15 year old gelding I started under saddle but haven’t ridden in 10 years. I’m wondering the best way to start riding him again. Thanks, Kathy

    1. Hello Kathy! Thank you for your comment! Might you work with a trainer to help you restart your horse?

  60. My horse has been more faithful than a husband – unconditional love.

  61. I remember a meeting a mother whose kids were showing in our barn. Her comment was that “having the kids in horse showing beat paying for rehab. My kids definitely learned so many great life lessons from the horses.

    Great article!

    1. Thank you Shawn! Great point!!!

  62. And then, there are the words that don’t mean what people think they do:

    Frog (Has nothing to do with green hopping amphibians)

    Lunge (Not a human leg exercise. Well, ok, a little bit, but not THAT one)

    Stiffle (Doesn’t mean shut up)

    Bars (Not where you go for a drink)

    Picking chestnuts (Not about tree nuts)

    Groundwork (Not about mowing the lawn)

    1. Thanks Dee! We will definitely need to add those to the list! We hope you enjoyed reading our blog!

    2. Frog…ha! I picked up a dried hoof print, took it to my friend and asked him if he knew my horse could do frog impressions…

  63. Pick: not something for your teeth.

    1. Thank you Kitty! We will definitely have to add that to the list!

    2. Good one!

  64. Yes. I am crazy. You are crazy. They are crazy. And the whole world is crazy when they say that we are not crazy.

    1. Thank you Philomena! There’s nothing wrong with being a little crazy! 🙂

  65. WONDERFUL! I have an off the track thoroughbred… I have wished for one since I was the barn manager for one of the BEST horsemen in the world, and a great Polo player. Father Eugene is also my favorite color! BONUS!! We have recently began a training routine, our first day out, he is impatient, distracted and gets frustrated. He bucked! At over 16 hh, I am NOT falling off. My husband told me I should get a horse that is broke that I can enjoy. Eugene has a sweet disposition and better than (in my experience working at a racetrack) normal ground manners. I can’t say I had fun at our first class, but we learned several things and I PRAY he decides that “bucking didn’t work, so I will abandon that idea”. KEEP IT HOOF SIDE DOWN!

    1. Thank you so much Karen! Good luck with Eugene and we hope that you enjoy our blogs! We have some great training tips that may be of help! 🙂

  66. I got teary-eyed reading about the 35 year old mare! There is an old Arabian in my life who has taught me so much! We learned to be brave together out on the trail. I’m thankful every time I ride him because you never know when it’s the last ride. I love that old guy!

    1. Thank you for sharing Nancy! Cherish every moment you have with him!

  67. So true! As a kid, I loved everything about horses. Never imagined I’d ever have one of my own. But life is funny that way. I’ve had my beautiful mare Lady for 10 years now.

  68. I tried to deny it for years…but a daughter who wouldn’t brought me back to full-blown crazy. thankfully

  69. I got my first horse for my 60th birthday …. long after I had crossed it off my bucket list and 45 years after my last ride.

    It was an exercise in impulsivity and accidental circumstance, but has turned out to be the happiest accident of my life.

    Five years later my head is still reeling from the learning curve; my retirement has taken a new direction; my social circle has exploded; and every day brings new challenges, more confidence and huge bales of love.

    As a senior with fibromyalgia, I no longer take medication because my 16.3hh paint gelding “Bobby” keeps me moving and keeps me cheerful.

    Every day I thank my angels for leading me down this path.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Alison! We are so thankful that you are following your dreams! Good luck!

  70. Horses have been a part of my life since I was 5 and my solace in tough times. Weaver has been there too!

  71. I am so grateful God gave us horses! They teach you to be strong, yet humble. Responsible and a planner, but flexible and willing to work with what you have each day. Thank you for the great post and the chance to win!

  72. Horses have Been one of the few Constants in my life, they have helped me see I can be so much more than I think I am. My horses never judge me, And their patience with my mistakes is unbelievable, the bond between a horse and the rider is one of the most amazing things you could ever experience! Thank you God for making horses!!

  73. I’m currently blessed with a3year old gelding, “Boy”, that I got from a kill facility. He is wise beyond his years and is game for any activity I ask him to do. I would love the opportunity to get some guidance from Tracy so he and I can keep moving forward on this wonderful journey.

  74. “Horse poor and loving it” yup!!

  75. Stifle – not what your mother hollers, Hock -not something you take to the pawn shop. Chestnuts – not for roasting, Poll – not a place to vote, Stirrups – not something you do in the kitchen!

  76. What I love about horses is that just when I think I know everything, they probe me wrong! They’re my constant motivators to keep learning!!

    1. Prove* haha

  77. Theory On Horses:
    “I’m a stock broker…
    the more stock I collect…
    the broker I get!”

    Horse crazy? Of course!

  78. i’ve been a crazy horse girl since I was like 12 yrs old and rode my first time with my grandfathers housekeeper..i was hooked..and ever since..horses..well..you all know! soo horse crazy for sure..i sing to my horses..i dance around them..i talk to them…massage them….soo fun!

  79. A day without horses is like a day without sunshine!

  80. So true! I couldn’t imagine life without horses. I’m truly blessed that I got to grow up with them and still own two currently. They make a bad day at work seem not so bad when I get to come home and spend time with them.

  81. Proud to be called a horse crazy for all of my life! More crazy now at 70!

  82. I, too, am not content without horses. I tried once and became clinically depressed… luckily I am back in the saddle. Also, I love following Stacy and her on adventures.

  83. So true – my horses have kept me going through chemo, radiation, surgery, and now one more surgery. I can’t wait until the end of summer when hopefully I can start riding and playing with them again. Until then, I am happy to pet and brush them, and talk to them!

  84. Oh how very true!!

  85. How very true. Time and money well spent :).

  86. This blog post is so true! Life without horses would be so dull!

  87. I could not agree more! I had to wait 37 years to fulfill my childhood dream of having a horse of my very own, and I could not be happier. I would do anything for him. He’s one of my best friends, my teacher, and my therapist–love him so much.

  88. You know, I don’t own a horse, although I dream to one day. I did enjoy riding lessons for about 10 years or so. Every time I think of being a horse owner I remember the feeling of gazing with them nose to nose, each of thinking “yes, we know each other”. No better feeling in the world.

  89. I know exactly what you’re saying my life would not be complete without my horses it’s when I feel closest to God writing out in the woods on my horse and in touch with nature I love my life.

  90. With such passion and integrity in the horse world, I’ve felt a sense of belonging that is unequaled; people with horses share more than just owning a horse, it’s the experiences that build, foster, throughout our time with them. It amazes me, every day, what underlying awe, they present me with.
    I’m so very grateful for the man who made keeping my “posse” of horses (including Iso-Iso, my first horse that I acquired, as an adult), when my now ex-husband made me “get rid of them”. While they’re a hundred miles away, they’re there for me to visit, whenever I wish.
    My newest adventure began with a friend dropping off the most beautiful molly mule, that I’ve ever seen. She rewards me continually, always watching for me or braying when I’m out of site.
    I’m most grateful for these, and so many more things, that can only be experienced in the equine world; especially for the uniquely dedicated example, and heart, of Stacy Westfall.

  91. I could really identify with your comment about wanting to move to the country to buy a horse. When we moved to Ohio 5 years ago, we had such a hard time finding property and all to find a place for horses, but it was worth it!!

    I too thank the Lord for Horses!! 🙂

  92. I have two horses and enjoy their different personalities. One is truly a clever thinker and the other a clown!
    They get me laughing!

  93. So true! Love our horses and horse friends!

  94. people always ask me “what do you do with your horses?” I tell them, “I watch them”. I may not ride my boys (due to a bad fall and lack of confidence) but they sure do like to put on a show! I joke that we should start charging for the show those two are always putting on, I’ve never seen horses run and play as much as my 22 and 7 year old

  95. Hi Horses are my life and always will be……. I hope!

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